Create your own

Would you like to design a maths problem of your own and share it with other students across Australia?

Here are some ideas and examples to look at.

Pattern Problems

You might like to create a repeating pattern or a growing pattern and then design some challenges for other children to solve.

You could make your pattern using counters, blocks, or Lego and then take a photo of your design. 

There are also some websites, like Pattern Shapes where you can create a pattern with blocks online and save a copy.

Look at the example problems designed by Jasper and Mandy. If you don’t want to create a design of your own, maybe you’d like to create some questions for Rosie or George’s patterns.

Typing in the paragraph

Finding all Possibilities Problems

Melan, Edison, and Olivia have written some problems about delicious doughnuts. Would you like to look at their questions and then design some doughnut challenges of your own? They’ve asked things like, ‘How many doughnuts can you make without heart sprinkles that cost $2?’

Another fun idea might be to print a copy of the map and draw in some buildings. You can then create some puzzles about how many ways there are to get from one place to another.

It might be a question like, ‘How many ways can I drive from the shops to the school if I don’t go past the petrol station? I can only go along a road once.’ 


Logic Problems

Did you enjoy solving logic problems? Ari and Cici have created their own Logic Line Up problems about bugs and insects.

You might like to look at theirs and then design your own problem about the bugs, or maybe a logic puzzle about who won the race. Here are some runners you might like to use.


Sharing your Maths Problem

When you have created your problem for other children to solve, you can hand them to your teacher and they will send them to APSMO.

APSMO will collect challenges from children all across Australia and put them together to share.

The only information we will share about you is your first name and where you are from. For example – Conan, Year 2 from South Australia.

Thank you for being a part of this APSMO Pilot Project.

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