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About The Program

Maths Quest is an innovative teaching and learning program, designed for both mainstream and high achieving students, that introduces problem solving concepts in the early primary years. Mathematics is a creative subject requiring abstract thought. Children naturally reason and use creative strategies when they seek patterns and relationships that will enable them to solve challenging unfamiliar problems.

Comprising a series of activities and tasks that are both interactive and fun, the program encourages students to work together, collaborate and learn from each other. Teachers who register their classes for Maths Quest receive access to instructional videos, lesson guides, specific digital learning tools, and learning station activities to use with their class during the course of the program.

The main aims of the program are to:

Syllabus outcomes:

Maths Quest addresses mathematics proficiencies of understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning under the Australian Curriculum. After completing the program, Year 1-2 students will be able to:

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Registrations open February 2023!

About The Program

Using a problem solving approach is of particular value to students of all ages. The Maths Explorer program allows students in Years 3 and 4 to collaborate with their peers and work together to make decisions about the way they explore a problem, regardless of their abilities.

Whether your students are mainstream or high-achieving, Maths Explorer will develop their skills and knowledge in the field of maths problem solving and prepare them for the challenges of either the Maths Games and/or the Maths Olympiad in later years.

Unlike the Maths Olympiads, students participating in the Maths Explorer do not compete against students from other schools. The primary focus of this program is to build students’ confidence and allow them to develop their skills in a non-competitive environment. It uses fun and relatable themes to showcase how problem solving strategies can be applied to a variety of problems and encourages students to work together to expand their knowledge and understanding.

The main aims of the program are to:

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