Maths Olympiad Years 5-6

Junior Division

Maths Olympiad Years 5 & 6 - Awards

A number of Awards are given by APSMO at the end of each Olympiad year to recognise both the individual students’ performance and team achievement throughout the competition.

To be eligible for any awards, students must have results submitted for a minimum of four Olympiad papers.

Student Awards

Team Awards

Sample Awards

Achievement Certificate

Awarded to students who complete all 4 Olympiads

Details : A4 Certificate

Perfect Scorer Medal

Awarded to students who score 20/20 (100%) in the Olympiads

Details :  Medal 

Top 10% Achiever

Awarded to students who score in the top 10% of participant scores
Details :  Metal Pin

Top 25% Achiever

Awarded to students who score in the top 25% of participant scores

Details : Woven Cloth Patch

Highest Individual Scorer Award

Awarded to the student(s) gaining the highest score in each Olympiad team, if their score is also in the top 10% of individual scores.
Note: Not awarded to teams that have Perfect Scorers
Details : Award may vary from year to year eg. trophy or medal

Special Achievement / Encouragement Award

One Encouragement Award Certificate will be provided to each team in the end of year awards package, which can be given at the teacher’s discretion.
For example, the teacher may choose to give the Certificate to a student who has shown an exceptional level of commitment and improvement in mathematical problem solving, but did not achieve a high Olympiad score.
Maximum of one (1) certificate per team.
Details : A4 Certificate 

Outstanding Team Achievement Award

Awarded to teams who score in the top 10% of team scores.
Details :  Plaque

Highest Team Score Award

Awarded to team with the highest overall score. 
Details : Plaque

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