Junior Maths Olympiad Sample Year 5 & 6

The Junior Maths Olympiad is our prestigious inter-school competition designed to stimulate and challenge high achieving students in Years 5 and 6. Highly regarded for its quality and integrity, the Junior Maths Olympiad is unlike other competitions in that it provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their capabilities and improve their problem solving skills they complete four papers.

Please explore below to learn more about the competition and to download an example paper, solutions, and to watch video animations demonstrating strategies and student solutions.

Sample Preparation Kit:

Here is a sample Preparation Kit. It includes a practice paper for your students to complete along with detailed solutions for teachers to refer to. There is also a video demonstrating strategies and solutions, along with task cards with problems for your students to solve. here is a version of each problem ready to print, either with or without a hint for students.

Click on the images to download or launch the resources.

Sample Practice Paper

Here is a Practice Paper to download for your students. You may like to allow students 30 minutes to complete the paper as this is the length of time they are given to complete a Contest Paper. The files contains detailed solutions for teachers to refer to.

Sample Strategies and Solutions Videos

Once your students have completed the paper and it has been marked, there are two videos to watch together as a class. They include animations of various strategies and examples of students’ solutions.

Sample Task Cards

Each Preparation Kit contains 10 task cards with problems for students to solve. We have included five for you and your students to sample. There is a version of each problem ready to print, either with or without a hint for students.

Sample Contest Paper:

The competition comprises of four contest papers, held approximately six weeks apart. It begins in early Term 2 and finishes at the end of Term 3. Fully worked solutions are provided for all Contest papers, including video examples of various strategies that also showcase students’ solutions. Follow-Up Activity Sheets that build upon the problems in each paper are provided to help reinforce learning and extend students further.

Sample Contest Paper and Solutions

Here is a sample of a Junior Maths Olympiad Contest Paper – Paper 4, 2023. Students have 30 minutes to complete a paper. Detailed solutions are provided in the file for teachers to refer to.

Sample Strategies and Solutions Video

After your students have completed Paper 4, but before they solve the Follow-Up questions, watch the Strategies and Solutions video together.

Sample Follow-Up Questions

For classes who want to be challenge further, Follow-Up Questions are provided after each Contest Paper. These build on the five problems included in the Contest Paper. Answers are provided.

We hope you enjoy our sample of Junior Maths Olympiad. For further information about Maths Explorer, visit our Maths Olympiad Page or download our Primary School Program guide.

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