APSMO Maths Olympiad – Questions and Answers from Past Papers –2018-2022

This APSMO resource book contains Maths Olympiad questions and answers from 2018 – 2022 past papers in Australia.


“My students really enjoy taking part in the competitions throughout the year, and the broad variety of questions keeps them interested and motivated. Fantastic supporting materials, like this book, help them practice their various strategies on anything from individual questions to full question sets.”

“The questions are demanding in just the right way, challenging the students and encouraging them to push themselves harder.”

“The students love the challenging puzzles and the resource books are very supportive in showcasing the variety of possible solutions.”

“The quality and depth of each question provides students with rich thinking tasks. It also helps student connect and extend their maths knowledge.”

“The Maths Olympiads are invaluable in developing problem solving skills and exposing students to more complex and non-routine problems.”

Maths Olympiad Contest Problems: Volume 5

Editors: P Kohlhoff, A Prescott, H McMaster

Australian Edition. © Copyright 2024

ISBN : 978-0-9757316-6-6

320 pages

$ 44.95 + postage

About The Book

The book contains:
  • Questions and solutions from the Australian Maths Olympiad contests
  • 250 problems from the Maths Olympiad papers held from 2018 to 2022
  • 25 full primary school papers (Junior Maths Olympiad)
  • 25 full high school papers (Senior Maths Olympiad)
  • More detailed, longer form solutions to all of the problems
  • Greater variety of problem solving strategies than previous editions
  • Multiple solution strategies and expanded explanations
  • Glossary of mathematical problem solving terminology to enhance students’ knowledge and skills
  • Index of problems by type to assist teachers and students alike.

Aimed at students in Years 4 – 8, this book is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their problem solving skills.

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