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The star

The Star

This cat believes that he’s the star on the Christmas tree. Look for some pictures of Christmas tree stars and classify them according to whether they have rotational and/or line symmetry. How many orders of rotation? How many lines of symmetry?

Iceberg view

Iceberg View

People in Newfoundland, Canada saw this amazing sight of an iceberg 150 feet high above the water, sailing past their homes.

By measuring this image, approximately what would be the width of this iceberg at water level?

Ku-ring-gai postcodes

Ku-ring-gai Postcodes

Ku-ring-gai is a local government area in Northern Sydney.

From this image, could you determine the number of different postcodes in Ku-ring-gai?

Are postcodes cardinal, ordinal or nominal numbers?


Garden Netting

To keep the bandicoots and birds away, I want to cover a section of my garden that is 4 metres long and 3 metres wide. The netting also needs to be 1 metre above the ground so there’s room for the height of the broad beans.

I found this box of netting (Length 12 m, Width 4 m). Do I need more than one box?


Coal Statistics

In 2021, Australia consumed 1.63 exajoules of coal. This is the quantity of energy produced by the coal.

1 exajoule = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 joules

1 gigajoule = 1 000 000 000 joules

How many gigajoules is equivalent to 1.63 exajoules?


Rectangular Light

This light fitting is made from a series of 4 open rectangular metal prisms.

The smallest rectangular prism has an open base that is 20 cm long x 10 cm deep.

The next largest prism has an open base that is always 2 cm longer on each side and 2 cm deeper on each side than the previous prism in the series.

If each rectangular prism has a height of 5 cm, what area of metal sheeting is needed to make this light fitting?

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