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Australasian  Problem  Solving  Mathematical  Olympiads  (APSMO)  Inc.  acknowledges  that  it  handles personal information of individuals including, but not limited to, individuals registered in its contests, programs and training courses.
APSMO Inc. is committed to ensuring the privacy of such information and acts in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1998.  Further details of the APP can be found at the official website:

Personal Information and How It May Be Used

Personal  information  collected  by  APSMO  Inc.  is  treated  in  accordance  with  the  APP.    This information may include personal contact details, contest results, records of participation in training and other programs.  This information may be used by APSMO Inc. in the administration of contests, training and other activities.

From time to time APSMO Inc. may use your personal information to provide you with information about new products or services being offered by us.  APSMO Inc. will always provide the opportunity to opt out  of direct marketing communications by providing relevant details in  all direct marketing correspondence.

APSMO  Inc.  may  publish  student  and  school  names  and  results  on  its  website  or  in  official  results documentation  or  notices.  APSMO  Inc.  will  not  otherwise  disclose  personal  information  except  in accordance with the APP or as required by law.

Accessing and Changing Your Personal Information

APSMO  Inc.  retains  records  of  contest  participants  and  their  results  and  training  course  attendee records  indefinitely.  Individuals  may access  this  information  in  accordance  with  the  APP  once satisfactory evidence of their identity has been received.
APSMO Inc. attempts to keep personal information up-to-date and accurate by updating details when changes come to our attention.  We encourage you to inform us if any of your personal information changes.  We can be contacted via our Privacy Officer below.

Storing Personal Information Securely

APSMO Inc. stores information including personal and school contact details, student names and contest results, records of participation in training and other programs with our IT and software provider using servers located in Australia and we require that such service provider complies with  strict  security  standards regarding  storage  of  your  personal  information  as  well  as  terms consistent with the Privacy Act.

APSMO Inc also uses software provider Keap to host our sales and marketing system.  Keap acts only as a service provider and does not access personal data unless directed specifically by APSMO Inc on account administration matters.  Further information about Keap’s privacy policy is available here:

Credit card information collected for the purposes of payment of an invoice or order is collected securely in accordance with the APP guidelines and destroyed once payment is processed.

Using the APSMO Website

Certain  areas  of  our  website  use  ‘cookies’.    These  are  an  industry  standard  in  use  in  most  major websites.  Cookies  are  used  to  maintain  your  current  browser  session  during  your  visit  to  the  site.  You  may  turn  off  the  use  of  cookies  through  the  settings  in  your  browser,  however  doing  so  may  affect your ability to use the full functionality of the site.
We  may  collect  information  about  your  visit  to  our  website.    This  information  may  include  your  IP address, your  operating  system,  your  browser  ID  and  information  on  how  you  interacted  with  our website.  This information is used for statistical reporting and audit purposes.
We  use  Google  Analytics  on  our  website  to  help  us  understand  website  usage.    This  service  sends website traffic data to Google servers in the USA.  For details about the information collected by this service refer to Google’s Privacy Policy at

Complaints and Disputes

If you have reason to believe that APSMO Inc. has not complied with its obligations relating to your personal information under this Privacy Policy or under the Privacy Act, please refer any compliant to our Privacy Officer.

APSMO  Inc.  will  ensure  your  complaint  is  handled  by  our  Privacy  Officer  in  an  appropriate  and reasonable manner.

Further Information

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