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The Senior Maths Games program provides an opportunity for mainstream students in Years 7 and 8 to learn valuable problem solving skills and exposes them to the application of mathematical problem solving strategies and techniques.

The Maths Games is aligned with the Australian curriculum and focuses on challenging students to think laterally and creatively when solving mathematically-based problems. It is grounded in the ‘real-world’ application of problem solving strategies and highlights the fact that there may be multiple ways to reach a solution.

Unlike the Maths Olympiads, students participating in the Maths Games do not compete against students from other schools. The primary focus of the program is to build students’ confidence and allow them to develop their skills in a non-competitive environment.  Each paper focuses on the application of two distinct problem solving strategies, starting with the least challenging in the first paper and progressing to more challenging concepts through the year.  Prior to each paper, APSMO provides teachers with access to a Resource Kit that contains a set of questions and solutions focussing on the relevant problem solving strategies for that particular paper. Teachers are encouraged to use the Resource Kits to teach problem solving lessons that build the skills students need for success and to maximise the benefits gained from the program.

The main aims of the program are to:

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