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Garden Netting

To keep the bandicoots and birds away, I want to cover a section of my garden that is 4 metres long and 3 metres wide. The netting also needs to be 1 metre above the ground so there’s room for the height of the broad beans.

I found this box of netting (Length 12 m, Width 4 m). Do I need more than one box?


Below is the geometric net (i.e. a 2D diagram) of the area I needed to cover with netting.

Imagine the netting going across the length of the garden and down the sides, allowing for a height of 1 m.

This would require a 1 + 4 + 1 = 6 m length of netting, which is half the length of the netting in the box.

The netting is 4 m wide, so it would cover the front, the two sides and the top.

The remaining half of the netting (4 m wide and 6 m long) would easily cover the back, so I will only need one box of netting.



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