Maths Olympiad Awards

Student Awards
  • a certificate for each participating student who completes all 5 Olympiads
  • a medal for any student who obtains a perfect score
  • a trophy for the highest individual scorer in each team
    (for teams where there are no perfect scorers)
  • a metal pin for each student whose total score is in the top 10% of scores
  • an embroidered Olympiad cloth patch for each student whose total score is in the top 25% of scores

Team Awards
  • a plaque for each team whose score is in the top 10% of scores
  • a large plaque for the team with the highest score
  • a perpetual shield for the teams with the highest score in each of the following sections:
    • Division J Australian Schools
    • Division J Non-Australian Schools (from 2009)
    • Division S Australian Schools
    • Division S Non-Selective Australian Schools (from 2009)
    • Division S Non-Australian Schools (from 2009)
Award Sample Details
Achievement Certificate
Awarded to students who complete all 5 Olympiads
Details : A4 Certificate
Perfect Score Medal
Awarded to students who score 25/25 (100%) in the Olympiads
Details : 5cm diameter Antique-Gold Coloured Metal Medal in Display Box
Top 10% Achiever Pin
Awarded to students who score in the top 10% of participant scores
Details : 2.5cm diameter Metal Pin
Top 25% Achiever Patch
Awarded to students who score in the top 25% of participant scores
Details : 7.5cm diameter Woven Cloth Patch
Highest Individual Score Trophy
Awarded to the student(s) gaining the highest score in each Olympiad team.
Note: Not awarded to teams that have Perfect Scorers

Details : 10cm tall Trophy
Special Achievement / Encouragement Award
Teachers must nominate students for this award.
Nominees are students who have shown an exceptional level of commitment and improvement in mathematical problem solving, but have not achieved a high Olympiad score.
Maximum of one (1) certificate per team.

Details : A4 Certificate + Special Achievement Keyring ( 3cm x 5cm )
Outstanding Team Achievement Plaque
Awarded to teams who score in the top 10% of team scores.
Details : 17.5cm x 12.5cm Plaque
Highest Team Score Plaque
Awarded to team with the highest overall score. This plaque is presented along with the perpetual shield, and is retained by the team.
Details : 25cm x 20cm Plaque