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“A valuable resource for teachers and students alike”

Maths Olympiad Contest Problems: Volume 2

Editors: R Kalman, J Phegan, A Prescottac

Australian Edition. © 2008

ISBN : 978-0-9757316-2-8

320 pages

$ 39.95 + postage

About The Book

The book contains:

  • 425 Problems from the APSMO Olympiads held between 1996 and 2005
  • 50 Primary School (Junior Division) Olympiad Papers
  • 35 High School Challenge (Senior Division) Olympiad Papers
  • Step-by-step solutions to all problems
  • Hints and strategies
  • Multiple solution methods for most problems
  • Extension questions for many of the problems
  • An index of problems by type
  • A thorough handbook for Teachers/PICOs
  • A rich study guide for students
The book is aimed at students in school Years 4 to 8, but is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their problem solving abilities.

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