Exploring maths through problem solving


“A treasure of non-routine problems for primary and junior secondary students”

Maths Olympiad Contest Problems: Volume 1

By Dr George Lenchner

Australian Edition. © 2005

ISBN : 978-0-9757316-0-4

285 pages

$ 39.95 + postage

About The Book

A valuable resource for teachers or parents who want to give more non-routine problem solving experiences to their children.

An important resource in school libraries or in the personal library of any student.

The book contains:
  • a rich variety of problems with multiple solution methods
  • general advice on problem solving illustrating the use of various problem solving strategies with sample problems and their solutions
  • 80 Olympiads, each of five problems, designed for interschool competitions, specifically the Mathematical Olympiads
  • Answers, Hints and Solutions. Often more than one solution method is shown
The book is aimed at students in school Years 4 to 8, but is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their problem solving abilities.

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